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Orla, 10 days after using MyTan Bronze and Boost on vacation."

"Being fair skinned by nature, these products made a huge difference to my tan while on vacation this year. My friend recommended that I take MyTan Bronze capsules for about two weeks before the trip and continue using them while on vacation. I don't usually use supplements, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results as my skin tanned faster than usual and got darker than ever.I continued to use the capsules throughout the summer and I have to say I got my best tan ever.Even though I can get a tan without MyTan Bronze capsules, I can definitely say that the tan I got and the time it took to get my skin beautiful ." -

MyTa user experiences

  • "I'm so glad I found these products. I'm a 57-year-old fair-skinned person with hormonal issues and I've been lucky enough to use two brands together: MyTan Bronze and Boost. These two products have changed my life for the better. I have a naturally beautiful tan all over my body. I am very satisfied with these products and highly recommend them. I ordered directly from the UK, even though I live in Colombia, South America. I am very satisfied with the response and service." -Avril, Colombia
  • "I'm amazed year after year! These self tanning tablets have never let me down!! I'm very happy! I've been using them for years! I always go back. I call them my special vitamins! Thank you "Mytan" xoxo" -Pamela, North Carolina
  • "I've been using MY TAN Bronze and Booster tablets for years. I love how my skin looks darker than most people in the summer and winter and I can't go a day without them. I get lots of compliments on how healthy I look without sun exposure." -Carmel B, Sydney, Australia
  • "I live in Australia and fair skin doesn't suit our climate here. Not to mention most people here have great tans and go to the beach everyday. I started using My Tan tanning capsules about 4 years ago and still use them today. The capsules are starting to show after about two weeks and the result is a beautiful golden tan.It gives me great confidence to go to the beach and you get a great tan in half as fast.I will always buy this product have tried many other brands that claim to give a sunless tan. I am also always very impressed with the wonderful customer service I continue to receive. Thank you My Tan for a quality product that does what it promises." - Susan M, Australia
  • "I've just ordered another batch of Boost and Bronze. I spent two weeks in Spain and got the best tan ever. My face takes longer to tan for some reason, but with these pills I got a great tan all over my body in a few days in the sun. No heat rash, no sunburn, just perfect natural tan. I highly recommend these. Try them, you won't be disappointed." - Sharon, Dublin
  • "I have been a long time customer. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we have not been able to travel for the past 2 years. Now that the restrictions are lifted we booked a trip to the sun. As I have always had great results with mytan pills and they are a best buy compared to other supplements, I have gotten myself for a new batch of summer." - Joris, Belgium.
  • "This is THE tanning pill. I've tried quite a few and they leave skin looking a lot more orange than tan. This gives a much more balanced and natural look. I buy these for the three of us (all pale). Sometimes we have to take a little more - but the results are worth it worth it. By adding some sensible sun, we'll all look tanned at the end of the summer." - Tom, Twickenham, UK.
  • "I'm so happy with this product. I'll admit I was a little skeptical about whether they would work after all the mixed reviews online. I live in Scotland so I don't get much sunlight except when I'm abroad. Today is day 14 and I'm incredibly tan. About day 11/12 around I suddenly found myself tanned, although I would say there were some subtle signs of tan after about a week. I will definitely be using these again!" - Lynsey, Scotland.
  • "My friend introduced me to My Tan Bronze earlier this summer. I love the sun and tanning because it makes me feel really good, but the sun doesn't love me. I'm very happy with the results, it's amazing. My husband and I are going to The Gambia again this winter and it's it's great to go already tanned instead of being white and having to spend time in the sun just to get some color. My husband is impressed again for the solution to my tanning problems." - Sandra, Scotland.
  • "Shopping for swimsuits, baring skin and getting ready for the trip of a lifetime has never been so exciting. From a healthy glowing bronze to the 'magnificence' you get in the sun with MyTan, it's really hard to believe! No more self-tanners that stain sheets and white clothes! No more streaks and spots or yellow palms! Just a natural tan without hours in the sun! We love it and will continue to use it in the winter months too! The MyTan team is a big help!" - Rosie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada & Pearl, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.