• How does MyTan work?

    The effect of MyTa's capsules is that they contain large amounts of 5 different carotenoids, which give the skin a beautiful golden brown color in about 2 weeks. Read an excerpt from the magazine article below that tells about the British study.

  • A surprising way: Give yourself a more beautiful tan

    The sun darkens the skin tone, while vegetables and fruits bring a "golden" tone, claims the study. Carotenoids give color to, for example, tomatoes, peppers, corn, watermelon and carrots. Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce and peas are usually rich in carotenoids.

  • The perfect tan

    Surprisingly, a perfect tan may not come by sunbathing, but by eating certain fruits and vegetables, claims a recent study according to the British newspaper Times Online. According to researchers at the University of Bristol, for example, by eating plenty of melon, apricot and spinach, you can improve your skin tone and thereby improve your appearance. According to researchers, diet affects skin tone in as little as a month. University of Bristol researcher Ian Stephen explains that the secret lies in plants' natural pigments, carotenoids. Stephen studied the effect of orange and green vegetables and fruits on skin tone.

  • Golden skin tone

    Two pigments contribute to human skin tone: melanin, which comes from the sun, and carotenoids, which come from food; Stephen explains. In his experiment, he found that people found the "golden" skin tone brought on by food more attractive than the darker tone brought on by the sun. Stephen showed the test subjects photos of people who had sunbathed and people who had eaten vegetables containing carotenoids. The skin tone of those who ate vegetables was clearly considered more attractive.

  • What are MyTan tanning tablets?

    MyTan tanning pills are a dietary supplement specially designed for those who want to get the best possible tan. MyTan Boost provides the nutrients involved in the tanning process and is designed to help you achieve the best possible tan. The pills can be especially helpful for those with fair skin who have trouble getting a tan. MyTan Bronze contains natural carotenoids that give a healthy, golden bronze glow with sunlight or sun exposure. The perfect option for those who want to tan without exposure to sunlight or to enhance and prolong an already existing tan.