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MyTan Boost

MyTan Boost

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MyTan Boost - tanning booster capsules contain certain nutrients that the body uses in the tanning process. Designed to help you achieve a darker tan faster.

Today, we use nutritional supplements to improve almost every aspect of our daily lives, from athletic performance to brain capacity! But when we want to get a nice, dark tan, we don't do anything, we lie in the sun or in a solarium and wait for our body to do the rest. But tanning, like any other physical activity, depends on a series of bio-chemical processes. So, like any other physical process, without the proper nutrients your body will not be as efficient at producing melanin, the brown pigment it produces when exposed to sunlight. Although we have these nutrients in our bodies, taking an extra dose of them can push our tan to the next level!

Melanin, the body's brown pigment, does not appear out of nowhere - our body creates it from an amino acid called tyrosine. So how well you tan depends on how much tyrosine you have in your body and your skin's ability to convert it into melanin (the brown color). This is where MyTan BOOST comes into the picture!

MyTan BOOST contains 15 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients to equip the body for natural tanning.

It contains certain nutrients that are needed during the tanning process, so that your body has everything it needs to achieve maximum tan safely and naturally.

Result. Faster and darker tanning!
1 prk contains 100 capsules.

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