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MyTan Bronze

MyTan Bronze

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MyTan BRONZE contains natural carotenoids and gives a healthy, beautiful and natural colored tan all year round, with or without the sun! Also contains important, skin-nourishing ingredients and antioxidants as well as vitamin E.

Carotenoids are organic pigments that give plants their color and protect them from sun damage. In humans, carotenoids have been found to have excellent health benefits. If you take enough of them, they can be stored in the skin and give a healthy, golden and bronze glow!

Tanning looks great, but unfortunately, overexposure to the sun can cause skin damage. This is due to harmful "free radicals" that the skin produces when exposed to sunlight. With MyTan BRONZE you can achieve a natural, beautiful tan without the risk and it contains ingredients that help care for the skin in sunny weather.

Powerful antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin E help to "clean" these harmful free radicals from the body. This is also useful for those trying to get a tan at the beach or in a tanning bed. Not only that, but the pigments in the natural carotenoids that MyTan Bronze contains can further enhance an existing tan to give the skin a natural glowing tone.

MyTan BRONZE does not only contain beta-carotene, it contains 5 different carotenoids and is the most effective tanning pill available. Numerous loyal users testify to that. It does not make the skin yellow or orange, but gives a beautiful, golden tan to the skin, and is completely safe to use. Does not contain canthaxanthin.

Contains: 100 capsules (approx. 6 weeks' dose)
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